Backup Services

Secure your data instantly with a remote storage plan for all your important information. Scheck Solutions backup is slightly different than most, in that you know where your data is stored and it is encrypted not only in the repository, but also during transfer to the backup server.

I utilize a combination of my own storage server, locally hosted, and a cloud based server where I apply a strong encryption method, with a custom key for each customer, before uploading the data package to the cloud for redundancy. Currently there is no limit on residential or business backup packages. This includes 1 system for residential package, and up to 4 systems for the business package. I am of the mindset that if a file is important to you, then it's important to me, and as such, should be backed up.

Home Desktop Backup

Completely hassle free: monitors files as you work, transfers as the computer is idle.
Extremely easy to use software, set it and forget it.
Keeps up to 30 daily versions of each file
Easily restore files using the backup software, or contact me and I can restore the file for you.
100% safe and secure/encrypted storage location (Blowfish 448bit encryption)
Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac


Business Backup Solution

All the benefits of residential package.
Up to four computer systems under the business package.
The business tier will retain 1 daily backup for 30 days, 1 monthly backup for 1 year, and 2 annual backups.
Able to provide a physical hard drive, with all the data on it, within 15 days of the request, for the cost of the disc drive.

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We offer top of the line professional services at a rate that won't break the bank.

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